We are so excited to be able to provide virtual electives this week. New electives will be added to the site daily, so check back throughout the week, so see the new selections. These electives are meant to remind you of the activities that we do together at camp. Navigate through the different slides and choose which activity you would like to complete. If you hover over the top right corner of each slide deck, an arrow will appear. Click that arrow to open the activity in a larger window for easier viewing. Most activities will have a video or audio message from the activity leader and instructions on how you can complete the activity using materials you probably have around your home. Some of the activities are more of a demonstration for you to watch, while others will require to actively participate. You are welcome to choose as many activities as you would like to complete each day. If you complete any of the activities and would like to share your finished product, you can do so by uploading a picture to our Handi*Camp Canada Facebook page.

TUEsday Elective Choices:

Tuesday's Craft
Tuesday scavenger hunt
Accessible Cruise Trip with Uncle Daniel
Tuesday STEAM building Challenge

Wednesday Elective Choices:

Craft Slide
Wednesday Scavenger Hunt
Let's go to the farm
Cooking with Aunt Suzy

Thursday Elective Choices:

Flamingo Craft
Thursday Scavenger Hunt
Stargazing with Uncle Rob
Cooking with Linda and Vicki
STEAM building Challenge

Friday Elective Choices:

Friday Scavenger Hunt
Building with Uncle Peter
Friday's Craft
Dress your Counsellor activity