Each morning (starting Wednesday) at 11:00, join us for virtual chapel. During chapel you will have an opportunity to worship with your Handi*Camp family, learn your memory verse for this week, and participate in a group Bible study led either by Suzy or Angela. Below you will also find a variety of resources that will help you connect with this week's Bible theme, and grow in your relationship with Christ.

This week at Virtual Handi*Camp our Theme is "Hope in the Storm". Our memory verse this week is Romans 15:13a "May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in him." In this verse, we are reminded that as we find our hope in God, he will give us great joy. During chapel, we will explore the story of Noah. Through Noah, we will learn that we can "Trust God with the Impossible", that "God cares for us" and that our "Hope is in Christ".

Camper Memory Verse Recitations:

Click here to submit a video you have recorded of you reciting your memory verse. We will add your video below so your camp-mates and camp staff can hear what an awesome job you've done. If you can't remember the whole verse, just do your best.

Memory Verse Videos

Memory Verse Resources:

Worship with Aunt Linda and Jonathan

1 - Wed - chapel - P1940693.MP4
2 - Thurs - chapel - Jay.mp4

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